Celebration of Life Baby Shower

At any point in your pregnancy, if you feel up to it, you can ask a friend or family member to throw you a "celebration of life" baby shower, or you can host one yourself. 

Here's how to do so...

Send out invitations to family members and friends you want to invite. Consider inviting both men and women (and even children if you want).

Make a note on the invitation explaining that your baby's life is expected to be brief.

Example of an invitation:

You are invited to join us on January 1st, to celebrate the precious life of our baby, Sarah Smith. 
We have recently learned that Sarah's life here on earth is expected to be brief due to a genetic heart defect, so we are cherishing every day we have with her. 
We invite you to come celebrate our baby's beautiful life, and join us for moments of prayer, inspiration and sacred memory making. 
We are asking for gifts of love and support. If you would like to bring a special item for Sarah, we are in need of blankets, hats, picture frames, memory books, inspirational music, footprint kits, & candles

For the actual event, instead of playing typical baby shower games, consider the following activities:

-A moment of prayer, or a Bible reading (if not religious, you can just have a moment of silence and reflection or read from a book of poetry)
-A candle lighting ceremony
-Have everyone decorate a patch of fabric -- later you can sew them together (or have someone sew them together) to make a special quilt
-Have everyone personalize candle holders by writing words of inspiration or prayers on basic clear glass holders (use permanents markers, stickers, puff paint, and ribbon to decorate the holders)
-Have everyone make jewelry for you and the baby, such as matching bracelets (you can get beads and string/wire at an arts & crafts store)
-Buy some cards or nice paper, and have everyone write a note to the baby. You can bring the cards to the hospital to read to the baby. 
-Make a belly cast (in advance), and have everyone sign or decorate it at the shower