Remembering Your Child

In the days that followed Gabriel's death, I felt better when I remembered him in special ways. Talking about your baby will help keep his memory alive, but if you want tangible memories, here is a list of things you can do: 

1. Seashore of Remembrance: Have your baby's name written on a beach in Australia. Your baby's name will be photographed at sunset and e-mailed to you. 

2. Compassionate Friends: Call your local chapter for information about events they have to remember children and babies. They host balloon releases and candle lighting ceremonies that you can participate in. They also offer local support groups where you can meet other couples who have lost a child. 

3. Plant a Tree or Garden: Some parks will let you plant a tree in memory of your baby. Or you can plant one in your own yard. 

4. Make a Special Place in your Home: Consider dedicating a corner in a room or a space in your home to keep your baby's special items. Decorate a table or shelf with flowers, candles, photos of your baby, your baby's footprints and any other items that have meaning to you. 

5. Jewelry: Have a piece of jewelry made in honor of your baby. You can have his name engraved in a bracelet, or his footprint engraved on a necklace. Search for "keepsake jewelry," to find ideas and online stores.

6. Start a Blog: Share your baby's story and meet others in the babyloss community. Find other blogs and add yours at the Sisterhood of Loss & Support. 

7. Memorial Keepsake Boutique: Buy special memorial items in remembrance of your baby.

8. Photo Book: Create a photo book or scrapbook with your baby's pictures and other keepsakes.

9. Donate to Charity: Consider donating to a special charity in your baby's honor. Or you can make bereavement packages for your local hospital and put a card or sticker inside that says "Donated in Memory of ___________".

10. Molly Bears: Receive a teddy bear that is specially made to be the same weight as your baby. 

11. White Signs of Grief: Write a message to your baby on a white sign and take a photograph of it to share with the world. 

12. October 15th: Take part in Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Check to see if their is a Walk to Remember or a balloon release in your area. For a list of events by state/country, please visit the official October 15th website