Sacred Places and Healing

In my experience, creating or finding a sacred place of solace can be extremely instrumental to the healing process. I encourage you to seek out a physical place where you can go and be at peace and temporarily escape the world.

It's best to find a place that is quiet where you can think and reflect and not be distracted or bothered by others. Many people choose places that carry some significance to their child.

Is there a serene place where you used to go while pregnant?

Is there a place that reminds you of your baby?

For me, personally, my sacred place is the beach. I love to go and just sit on the sand and breathe in the sea air, watch the birds and listen to the crashing waves. Every time I go I write Gabriel's name in the sand and I imagine that he is close to me when I'm there.

I've also found my local church to be a comforting and safe place to go and think about Gabriel. I used to go there a lot when I was pregnant to pray for him.

If you can't find a place in your area, consider creating a place in your home.

You can plant a memorial garden in your yard with flowers that remind you of your baby. Add stones or other meaningful items to personalize it.

You could also make a shrine to honor your baby. Find a quiet place in your home and decorate a table or small space with photos of your baby, scented candles, flowers and any other items you want to include. You can read more HERE about creating a shrine.