Why CTT?

I am always so heartbroken to hear stories of women who terminated their pregnancies based on a poor or fatal diagnosis because I know what a difficult and devastating choice that must have been to make. For some families, early induction or abortion is the right decision and I know that many choose to take this path. But for many others, CTT can be a priceless gift and a rewarding journey.

Why would I recommend carrying your baby even if you have been told that he will not survive? 

First, nobody, not even the most brilliant doctor can predict the future. Although far too rare, there is the occasional "miracle" baby. Also, doctors make mistakes, labs make mistakes with test results, and even the very best ultrasound equipment cannot detect with certainty that your baby is going to die. Moreover, every single day they are coming out with new fetal treatments and "cures," that could increase your baby's chance of survival. I encourage everyone to at least consider the option of CTT and to celebrate your child's life with hope -- hope that your baby will be the 1 in a million, hope that your doctor is wrong, hope that God will choose your baby as the one to save. By doing so, you not only honor your baby's life, but you may actually be able to save it. 

Second, I went on this journey myself not too long ago, and I can say from experience that I am extremely happy that I chose to CTT even though doctors told us our baby would not survive. I realized only after losing my son, what a gift it was to carry him knowing he would probably not survive. It gave us 10 weeks to truly cherish and enjoy his life and if I have one regret, it would be that I did not celebrate my pregnancy enough. 

Has it been painful to lose a baby? Of course. It's been devastating. It's been lonely, miserable and unbearable. But still, the day I held my baby, was the best day of my life. All the pain was worth it, just for those few short hours that I held him in my arms. And without hesitation, I would do it all over again. Meeting my son was the BEST experience of my life, by far. And no amount of sorrow or heartache will ever be able to take that from me. 

While I know it may seem difficult, even impossible, to carry a baby not expected to live, I encourage you to take a few days to think about it. I believe you will find it rewarding in so many ways. Your child, no matter how short his life is, will bring you joy and fill your heart with love. And you will find the strength to survive just as I and so many others have.